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Applied Environmental Sciences
Our Approach
sigsci_contact_wallace.pngWe combine access to technology, innovative thinking, work experience, and resources to ensure practical solutions to complex environmental problems. Signature Science has experienced staff available to help with air, water, soil, and waste sampling and data interpretation, quality assurance and statistics, pilot and bench-scale technology characterization and demonstrations, laboratory and field monitoring programs, chemistry and microbiology methods development, compliance assistance, auditing and other program evaluations.

Our Staff
We offer a broad range of scientific and technical talent with the capability to operate in varied environments to provide an array of technical services to our clients.

piechart.gifSpecialized Equipment/Facilities
Signature Science's environmental microbiology laboratory operates at a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) and specializes in microbiological analysis for environmental processes and homeland security. The molecular biology laboratory has equipment to extract and analyze samples from a variety of matrices using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that can detect and quantify nucleic acid sequences for rapid microbial species identification.

Signature Science has a variety of chemistry laboratories engaged in scientific research and development and we have fabrication facilities for the design and construction of specialized sampling and analytical devices for custom applications.

Environmental compliance support including technical consulting, air quality monitoring systems and studies, laboratory studies, literature studies, modeling, and technical support for permit and compliance assistance.

  • Quality assurance and quality control of environmental data
  • Pilot plant and bench-scale technology characterization and demonstration

Current and Past Customer Profile

  • U.S. Government
  • Southwest Research Institute®
  • Petroleum and chemical manufacturing
  • Public drinking water systems