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GSA Schedule Professional Services Schedule, Contract GS-00F-105CA

Signature Science, LLC's General Services Administration Professional Services Schedule contract offers our federal and eligible state, local, and contractor clients a streamlined, simple contracting vehicle for procuring professional services offered on Contract No. GS-00F-105CA. GSA, established by the 1949 Federal Property and Administrative Services Act, provides federal agencies with the work environment, products, technology, and other services needed to meet their goals.

The GSA Professional Services Schedule contract makes it easy for our eligible customers to acquire professional services on a delivery-order basis at pre-negotiated prices. Signature Science can perform services that assist government agencies in meeting their technical needs, including expert advice and assistance through environmental studies, analyses, and documentation of results, and comprehensive training services. We have extensive experience in the private and Government sectors, as well as expertise in working on activities where security clearances are required.

Special Item Numbers Awarded on Contract No. GS-00F-105CA

SIN C874-4: Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training and Education Courses, Course Development and Administration

Signature Science offers current and comprehensive training to clients in the federal, state, and local government sector, as well as commercial entities. From a former Soviet biological weapons facility to Operation Iraqi Freedom in the Middle East, our scientists and engineers are equally adept at field operations as in the classroom or laboratory. This operational experience, combined with our scientific and engineering foundation, has resulted in our ability to provide premier training experiences to personnel preparing for CBRNE contingencies or deployment to overseas operations. Our instructors are both experienced practitioners and experienced trainers. This experience allows us to fully understand the needs of our clients and translate complicated technical and scientific knowledge using parallels with ordinary life experiences. Our success in providing training programs for law enforcement, military, and related national security organizations is a result of our capabilities related to: 

·         A comprehensive, direct and relevant past performance;

·         A sound technical approach using blended teaching methods that is indicative of an experienced firm that knows how to train and educate adults;

·         A staffing methodology that attracts and sustains an elite instructor roster with both academic and experiential qualifications; and

·         Leadership, management and business experience that integrates quality control, performance management, and continuous improvement practices.

Signature Science offers all training services at either our facilities or at client-specified locations. Travel-related and any other necessary off-site expenses will be negotiated as open-market line items at the individual delivery order level. Our facilities in Austin, TX and Charlottesville, VA, have spacious classrooms and laboratories that are environmentally and accessed controlled and equipped with audio/visual and wireless support. Our training areas include state-of-the-art lecture halls, break rooms, working laboratories, and mission rehearsal facilities complete with controlled lighting, sound, layout, and videography. We also have tactical training facilities for courses that require field training exercises. We also have conducted training at numerous government and contractor installations throughout the continental United States (CONUS).

All professional services offered under this SIN shall be in support of planning, creating, and/or executing test administration, learning management, customized subject matter specific training and/or educational courses that are delivered via an instructor-led and/or web-based system.

SIN C899-1: Environmental Consulting Services

Signature Science provides experience in a variety of environmental consulting areas, including but not limited to:

·         Reviewing requirements and identifying program "gaps" or "holes"

·         Performing site surveys

·         Developing sampling plans and Quality Assurance Project Plans

·         Collecting, documenting, and shipping samples

·         Documenting on-site activities

·         Performing sample analysis

·         Reviewing and interpreting data

·         Preparing reports

·         Risk Analysis

·         Project Management

·         Homeland Security

·         Permitting Services

We provide assistance in the area of regulatory analyses and in the preparation, review, and presentation of materials for public meetings and hearings. Our capabilities include expertise in domestic and federal regulations. In addition, Signature Science provides broad-based QA oversight and quality management programs. We are skilled in statistical data analysis and interpretation, experimental design, documentation review (e.g., SOPs, QAPPs), laboratory audits/assessments, performance evaluation and round-robin study designs, and report preparation. We will provide extensive experience in support of environmental needs.

Additionally, Signature Science provides a variety of environmental compliance services to both commercial and government clients. We offer a comprehensive selection of services to address environmental regulations and policies directed toward control and prevention of air, water, and land pollution at federal facilities. Our philosophy is to focus on the client's facility as a whole and develop management and compliance plans to meet all applicable environmental regulations and to establish appropriate surveys and audit procedures to assess compliance to those regulations. When possible, operational approaches and/or process modifications are designed for pollution prevention.

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